Welcome to Warlene Rene styling services. Where your day is my passion! I have been working in the fashion and styling industry for 20 years, working on everything from styling photo shoots to creating custom fashions for weddings, and other various special occasions.

My adventure with clothing started at an early age. My mom was a re seller of antiques and vintage clothing. She would take me with her while shopping gems for her business. She was pretty good at finding one of a kind things and has impeccable taste. My father is a highly experienced tailor. I also come from three generation of seamstresses. I studied Fashion and Design at The Art Institute for two years where I learned to perfect my craft.  I started out by designing my older sister's wedding veil and also various custom things for friends. I love to design and fit of garments. Being able to service bridal and design a capsule line allows me creative freedom.  Styling is my passion and I love to help women feel and look their best. I have so far 20 years of sewing experience and 10 years sewing bridal. Whether it be styling or creating custom looks, you can be sure it will be right down to the last detail. 

IWarlene Rene

Your stylist!